Enershop can supply and install any LaNordica wood gasification boiler throughout France. Competitively priced and with the added bonus that credit d'impôts are available for our installations together with reduced rate of TVA ( depending upon circumstances ). We do offer our installation services throughout France. 

We can also supply a wood gasification boiler directly to you , again anywhere in France.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details on the services we offer. 

Prices quoted include TVA @ 20%. A reduced rate of 5.5% may be applicable - please contact us for further details.

Wood gasification boilers are designed to be installed in an outbuilding or utility room. They are very easy to use , as they are lit , then loaded with wood and the boiler basically takes care of itself for the duration of the burn cycle - usually up to 4 - 6 hours depending upon the wood, The boiler can be reloaded towards the end of the burn cycle. 

The wood gasification boilers burn the wood at high temperatures so they are very efficient with low levels of emissions. 

It is recommended that an accumulator tank is used , to store the heat generated which can then be used when required. 

Nominal Output 17,3kW 21kW 29kW 37kW
Efficiency 89% 89.30% 89.90% 90.50%



The La Nordica-Extraflame Group traces its origins back to 1967. Since then the Group has worked hard to expand and improve its product range, and has abandoned the simple stoves of yesterday in favour of evolved, diversified, and advanced products that can satisfy all the needs and preferences of today’s market.
The La Nordica-Extraflame Group produces ultra-modern, classic and rustic style wood and pellet burning stoves as well as wood burning cookers, fireplaces and boilers.



Remplir avec du bois, de la lumière et tout le reste est automatique. La chambre de remplissage large assure une longue durée de combustion.   Le ventilateur intégré assure un démarrage en douceur dans la cheminée froide. Le ventilateur se stabilise combustion sur toute la longueur focale et permet une opération absolument sans problème.

Il est recommandé que d'un réservoir de stockage (balon) est utilisée.


Puissance 17,3kW 21kW 29kW 37kW
Efficacité 89% 89.30% 89.90% 90.50%



Né en 1967, le groupe a fait face au cours de ces années à une augmentation importante de la gamme, passant des simples poêles à des produits évolués et diversifiés à forte teneur en technologie, adaptés à tous les goûts et toutes les exigences.

Nous parlons de poêles à bois et pellets, extrêmement modernes, classiques et rustiques, de poêles avec four, de cuisines à bois, de cheminées, de chaudières.


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