We have a vast range of experience in renewable energy system design. Working together with our clients , we can help design a system to meet their exacting requirements.                                   

Heat loss calculations - with detailed information of the property we can correctly calculate the heat losses for the property including the domestic hot water demand.


Type and size of boiler - we can help choose a boiler which can produce the required output to meet the heat losses of the property and the demand for domestic hot water. The boiler can range from a wood or pellet boiler stove / kitchen range that can be sited within the property to a wood gasification or pellet boiler that must be sited in an outbuilding or utility room.


Solar thermal - combining solar thermal to a wood fired system makes a lot of sense as in the months that the wood fired boiler is not in use ,  the solar panels automatically take over and produce FREE hot water. We can advise which type of panels are suitable for your property and correctly size to meet your demands.


Storage - accumulator or buffer tanks are strongly recommended with wood and pellet boilers. They allow the boilers to achieve maximum efficiencies by combusting at high temperatures. The hot water produced by the boiler is stored in the accumulator tank. It can be used for central or under floor heating once the tank reaches the required flow temperature. Accumulator tanks generally have 2 coils inside, an upper coil for domestic hot water and a lower coil for solar thermal. We can advise on the correct tank for your situation.





Distribution - Enershop can design the method of distributing the heat
inside your property. This can be central , underfloor or wall heating. We can provide detailed CAD drawings which include heat losses,  layout and length of pipe runs, different zones, manifold sizes etc...







Control - Enershop can design a thermostatic control system that is suitable for your property and your life style. The stylish thermostats we offer include a basic dial thermostat, wireless thermostats or thermostats that be controlled by a smart phone from anywhere in the world 

 Pool and Hot tubs -  We can design a system than can heat your swimming pool or hot tub from a wood fired boiler or solar thermal panels. It is also possible to combine the pool or hot tub heating with your home heating via the same accumulator tank.