We have been operating throughout France since 2008 offering our clients a wide range of wood fired products and services including wood gasification boilers , wood boiler stoves and wood pellet boilers. We also specialise in solar thermal products - including solar thermal flat panels and evacuated tube systems. For the distribution of heat , we can also supply and install underfloor heating systems and traditional central heating systems

With a combination system of :-  for example a wood gasification boiler and solar thermal evacuated tubes , the system will provide an all-year round heating system. The solar thermal evacuated tubes will produce domestic hot water in the summer months , then in the winter when heating is required for the property - the wood gasification boiler is used. The solar thermal evacuated tubes will still contribute during the winter months. The systems do require the use of an accumulator tank as the heart of the heating system allowing a number of different heat sources and also a number of different heat distribution systems. 

Our systems can be on a supply only basis or we offer a full installation service throughout France which enables clients to reclaim the credit d'impôts available when a system is installed by an RGE qualified installer.  

Our systems will help protect the environment for future generations but which can also save clients money on their annual heating bills. Our prices are very competitive and we can design a tailor - made system to suit both your specific needs and your budget. We offer a free - no obligation devis , please contact us for further information.