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Enershop can supply and install wood gasification boilers throughout France. Competitively priced and with the added bonus that credit d'impôts are available for our installations together with reduced rate of TVA ( depending upon circumstances ). We do offer our installation services throughout France. 

We can also supply a wood gasification boiler directly to you , again anywhere in France.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details on the services we offer. 

Prices quoted include TVA @ 20%. A reduced rate of 5.5% may be applicable - please contact us for further details.

A wood gasification boiler is a boiler that uses wood as fuel to produce hot water by a gasifying process. Generally the boiler has an upper and lower chamber, dry split logs of between 12-20% moisture are loaded into the upper chamber then lit. The gas generated from the wood is forced down to the lower chamber where it reaches a temperature of over 1000°. The gases are then directed to the heat exchanger. The efficiencies of wood gasification boilers can reach 90% 

Wood gasification boilers are very easy to use and maintain. Just fill the upper chamber with logs , ignite and the boiler takes care of everything else. The large upper chamber provides a long combustion period. The integrated fan guarantees an unproblematic start. The combustion is stabilized throughout the whole combustion period by the fan and enables an unproblematic burn cycle.

The boilers are normally installed into outhouses or utility rooms. For domestic use , the boilers range from 16 -100 kw, it is possible to link more than one boiler to a heating system.

It is strongly recommended to link wood gasification boilers to buffer or accumulator tanks, by doing so,  the boiler can work at maximum efficiency for the full combustion cycle. The minimum recommended size for a buffer/accumulator tank is calculated at 50 litre's for every 1 kW of the boiler output so for example a 40 kW boiler would require a 2000 litre buffer /accumulator tank.

Wood gasification boilers are a cost effective way of heating the home and can be combined with other heat sources such as solar thermal to make a perfect all year round eco heating system. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details on the services we offer.