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Enershop can supply and install a underfloor heating system anywhere throughout France. Competitively priced , with the added bonus that a  reduced rate of TVA ( depending upon circumstances ) can be charged. We do offer our installation services throughout France.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details on the services we offer. 


Underfloor hearing is a very efficient solution for heating the home. Compared to a traditional radiator system – an underfloor heating system can save 25% or more on your annual energy costs. When costing for renovation and new-build projects,  it is important to look at the bigger picture, a radiator system may be cheaper initially however saving over 25% a year on energy costs -  it won't take many years to recuperate the initial outlay for an underfloor heating system. Added to that , the property will be more attractive for resale.

Under floor heating is not only about saving on energy cost and improving your carbon footprint. It provides comfort throughout the home distributing heat at low temperature. A correctly designed system will cover the entire footprint of the property excluding bathroom and kitchen appliances etc.. It is important to lay the right amount of tube for the demand of the room and the correct flow temperature to achieve the required room temperature.


The main components and materials for an underfloor heating project are : -