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Enershop are the leading distributor for AKVAterm accumulator tanks in France. Enershop can supply and install any AKVAterm accumulator tank throughout France. Competitively priced and with the added bonus that credit d'impôts are available together with reduced rate of TVA ( depending upon circumstances ). We do offer our installation services throughout France. 

We can also supply an AKVAterm Accumulator tank directly to you  anywhere in France.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details on the services we offer. 

Prices quoted include TVA @ 20%. A reduced rate of 5.5% may be applicable - please contact us for further details.

The Accumulator tank is the heart of a biomass thermal system. AKVAterm accumulator tanks come in sizes from 300 - 10 000 litres. They can be custom built to to accommodate endless requirements and demands.  AKVAterm are the leading accumulator tank manufacturer and their accumulator tanks are able to maintain water temperatures for long periods. 

AKVAterm accumulator tanks  are the perfect companion for wood gasification boilers and wood pellet boilers allowing the boilers to combust at maximum efficiency. By using a loadvalve  (laddomat) the tank can be charged from top to bottom to an even temperature using stratification. When sized correctly the tanks can accommodate multiple boilers such as wood gasification boilers , wood pellet boilers , wood boiler stoves , wood pellet boiler stoves . The sizing of an accumulator tank , is usually 50 litres for every kW of heat the boiler can produce , so for example a 40kW wood gasification boiler requires an accumulator tank of 2000litre.  The accumulator tanks can also accommodate different heat sources including solar thermal ( both flat panel and evacuated tubes) , heat pumps and electric immersion heaters can also be added as a back up.

A domestic hot water coil is a heat exchanger which is integrated within the tank , it harnesses the energy from within the tank to provide hot water on demand. 

The hot water which is stored within the tank can be used for the distribution of hot water to central heating, under floor heating, wall heating and even pool and hot tub heating via an external heat exchanger.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details on the services we offer.